Anniversary Card

My parents have been married 46 years! So I wanted to make them a fantastic card! I love doing these box cards but work, school, family, and life has really taken time away from scrapbooking, adding more to my TPT store and blogging. This card came out so stinking cute I just had to share. 

Ever start working on a project and it just does not come together? That's how this card started. I made the birds in the nest first and then found they were not gonna work. Moving on to plan B, I started to make the flowers. I knew I loved the papers and the colors in the papers. Then like magic it started to come together and all of a sudden the birds in the nest found a home among the flowers! 

I always live by the motto that things happen for a reason, so remember if you are working on a project and everything is going wrong or things are not working it's because it's not supposed to go that way and the outcome will be better than you expected. 

Happy Scrapping!

Need a fun way to get kids reading???

I find with my younger kids that they like to check off their accomplishments. So I created a reading log for them where they can color an item for every 20 minutes they read. I made one for each month but they could be adapted for a weekly reading log. I can customize the forms for each teachers needs. Hope you like them :)

Grab my reading logs HERE

Halloween Bingo!!

I whipped up this Halloween Bingo game for my students to play at our Halloween 
celebration in school.

It is great for younger students or ELL students. Incorporate sounds, beginning letters, colors, or more. Includes 4 different bingo sheets, and call picture cards. Use fun Halloween chip markers or laminate to use with a dry erase marker. 
You can grab it in my store here!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

The Newsletter Bundle is Finally Done!!

Whew.....this was a big project for me. I created an editable newsletter template for each month of the school year for teachers to communicate with their student's parents. I kept it fairly simple as the information that goes home to parents varies from teacher to teacher. I finally have it up in the store and with a special savings if you buy the bundle instead of each individual newsletter. Head on over to the store HERE and grab it.

Teachers Pay Teachers Site - Amazing!

Wow! I am overwhelmed with how good things are going at my Teacher Pay Teacher store! Thank you, thank you to those of you who have made purchases from me. I really hope they are going to great use in your classrooms! Your purchases are motivating me to create and design more.  I am trying to create and add more products daily between juggling work, school, and family too. If there is a specific item you would like me to create please let me know.

Haven't heard about my store yet.....go take a peek. It's a work in progress but it is coming along! 

Casual Fridays @ Teachers Pay Teachers

Here are a few items I am selling at my store:

It's Official - TPT

I am now a Teachers Pay Teachers seller. I have had so many request from teacher to create organizational forms, and have been inspired by my awesome girlfriend Laura over at Crafty Bee Creations, that I decided to give it a go. I just started with a cute colorful calendar for 2014-2015. What do you think??


I have been asked to make cute newsletters, teacher planners, calendar sets, labels, classroom jobs and the list goes on. Please send me a suggestion as I would love to create something for you. I have a lot of work to do but I am having fun and learning the ropes as I go.

Head on over to my store and take a look.

Free printable 2014-2015 Calendar

I have had so many emails to make a new calendar for 2015. Some request were from teachers to start it with the school year, others asked for one that was colorful but didn't eat up to much ink, and others asked for a fun, colorful calendar. I am still working on the fun, colorful calendar, but thought I would share the more simple one with you today. It runs from September 2014 to December 2015.
Click on the link and you can download and use what you need. Please let me know if you love it in the comments, and any suggestion for future calendars/forms you would like to see me create. 

Grab the whole calendar HERE

Printable is for personal use only. You may not reproduce, sell, or market as your own. However, feel free to share with a link back to this post. Thanks!